UKTickling – First-Time Tickles For Brianna’s Sensitive Soles!

Super-sexy Brianna Olivia makes her UK Tickling debut as her sensitive feet are teased and tormented in this hot scene! Brianna looks amazing in a tight shirt, miniskirt and sheer pantyhose. Unbound, with her long legs on the sofa she gets a very squirmy and breathless tickle session! Bri’s sexy nylon feet get some intense tickling with fingers and brushes whilst she squeals with laughter, writhes and struggles. She’s very ticklish every where but the middle of her sole is a weak spot that drives her crazy. After some wild thrashing, Bri is already getting very hot and bothered, but it’s about get more intense as she is flipped onto her front with her sexy wrinkled soles up! Bri’s helpless soles get even more intense tickling as all the brushes are used, making her shout and squeal. The nylons are ripped and her amazing bare feet get plenty of tickling too …it’s an effort to pin her down as she flails wildly trying to escape the tickles! Her legs and body get some tickles throughout although the main focus is on her sexy feet. Until the end, that is, when Bri gets a surprise attack on her sides that almost has her bouncing off onto the floor! An exhausting tickle session for Bri and a very hot debut too – you’ll love her!

Length: 13:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – First-Time Tickles For Brianna’s Sensitive Soles!

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