UKTickling – Hannah & Chantelle’s Impossible Challenge Don’t Laugh!

Sexy girlfriends Hannah Shaw and Chantelle Fox return together. These two are best friends and both insanely ticklish so it made sense to put them together for an awesome tickle challenge! Cuffed side-by-side, they each have one foot elevated in the stocks. They are tickled together and the challenge is to see who laughs first in each round. There are ten rounds and the overall winner will get to tickle the loser who will have both feet in the stocks for their forfeit! Both girls look hot in tight skirts and sheer stockings as the challenge begins. Both girls seem equally ticklish and it is impossible for either of them not to laugh. It soon becomes clear however, that Hannah is really hopeless at this as she shrieks with laughter within seconds of the first couple of rounds! The challenge goes on and they both squirm like mad as their feet are tickled, but it is always Hannah that makes the first sound – and Chantelle is soon getting excited about getting Hannah afterwards! In the last couple of rounds we change it slightly so that the first to make any sound at all will lose. They both try and hold their breath but it still doesn’t help Hannah. In fact, despite drawing on a couple of rounds, Hannah doesn’t manage to win a single one! We threw in an extra round at the end and then carry on tickling them both to wrap the challenge up with Chantelle as the obvious winner! When it comes to the forfeit, she cannot wait to punish Hannah, and it shows because she is totally merciless. Poor Hannah goes nuts as Chantelle’s nails tease and torment her super-ticklish soles. She gives her friend no breaks at all, laughing as she sends her through the roof! Chantelle rips the nylons and gives Hannah’s bare soles and toes a workout too, before finally deciding she’s had enough when Hannah’s hardly got any breath left in her. She loved it – you’ll love this one too!

Length: 15:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hannah & Chantelle’s Impossible Challenge Don’t Laugh!

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