UKTickling – Hannah Remembers How Bad It Tickles!

The amazing Hannah Shaw returns for an intense foot tickle session! Asian babe Hannah is ridiculously ticklish. It’s been a while since her last visit however, so she gets a shock as she remembers just how bad she is! This one is short and crazy as Hannah finds herself cuffed to the Mule with her nylon feet suspended in front of her. She is tensing and cringing before it even begins, and she explodes as her nylon feet get a mean tickling – with fingers first and then the brush, which is just unbearable for her. Hannah laughs, squeals, screams and squirms as her feet scrunch up and she tries hopelessly to pull them away! Her feet only get some brief respite as her thighs and body are briefly tickled too, but that’s no better as Hannah is unbearably ticklish everywhere! The pantyhose are ripped to expose her super-wrinkled bare soles, which prove even more ticklish. It may be only eight minutes long, but Hannah is done when this one is over – a great scene!

Duration: 8:46.093
Size: 903,519 Mb

Download – Hannah Remembers How Bad It Tickles!

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