UKTickling – Isabel Returns To Get Tickled Out Of Her Mind!

Sexy, super-ticklish Isabel makes a return visit and this time her hot body and feet get some intense tickling in two different scenes! In the first part, Isabel is stripped down to some sexy purple lingerie and stockings as she gets cuffed to the Mule for some whole body tickling, starting with her nylon feet. She laughs like crazy as her feet are tickled with fingers and then the brush before moving up to her thighs and body. Isabel is soon howling with laughter and squirming around as her exposed torso gets some serious tickling all over her belly, sides, armpits and ribs. After several minutes on the body, it’s back to her feet and some more nylon tickling followed by barefeet as the stockings are ripped open. Isabel laughs and squeals some more as the electric toothbrush is used on her toes, and then baby lotion is added to really drive her crazy again! After all of this, it’s time for an outfit change as Isabel finds herself hogtied in a smart office outfit with suit jacket, over a tight dress, sheer pantyhose and heels. The heels come off and she is soon howling with laughter once again as her nylon feet are tickled. When her knees and body are tickled too, she completely cracks up. Helpless Isabel soon discovers this is her worst position to be tickled in. Even though it only lasts a few minutes, she cracks up completely by the end as the tickling alternates between feet and body, really making her lose it by the end as her super-ticklish waist is squeezed! Two intense scenes to completely drive her nuts, but I let Isabel get her own back afterwards at least, and she was more than ready for some revenge!

Duration: 14:41.165
Size: 1 594,79 Mb

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