UKTickling – Isabelle Gets Stretched Out For Full Body Tickle-Torture!

Sexy newcomer Isabelle Isabelle learns just how ticklish she really is as she finds herself fully stretched out on the table and totally exposed for an even more torturous tickle session…poor Isabelle had no idea her body was so ticklish and she goes crazy in this one! Looking very sleek and sexy in a tight, sleeveless office dress with sheer pantyhose and heels, she is cuffed and strapped down. Isabelle starts off very giggly as her sheer nylon feet are tickled through her heels. The shoes come off and she struggles and laughs as her feet get several minutes of tickling. She really cracks up when her upperbody and thighs are tickled, and her long toes prove very ticklish too! Isabelle then totally loses it as she gets some very intense body tickling. She squirms and laughs as her exposed armpits are tickled but her sides are off the scale! Isabelle becomes completely hysterical as her ribs and belly are tickled hard, howling with laughter. She is then stripped down to her underwear and pantyhose, leaving more of her body exposed. The tickling continues as Isabelle twists and turns, laughing helplessly until she is struggling to catch her breath…her body is seriously ticklish! The final minutes focus entirely on Isabelle’s sexy feet as she continues to squeal and howl with laughter (her laugh is something else!) The pantyhose are ripped and her bare feet prove super ticklish, especially when baby lotion is added. The hairbrush and electric toothbrush are used but the finger tickling drives her really crazy, especially on her long toes, which wiggle frantically! A truly epic tickle session and a lot more intense than she was expecting!

Length: 19:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Isabelle Gets Stretched Out For Full Body Tickle-Torture!

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