UKTickling – Jadey Is Stretched Out For A Crazy First Tickle Session!

Gorgeous newcomer Jadey’s amazing body gets stretched out for a first tickle session! Blonde Jadey looks amazing in a very skimpy red lingerie set with sheer stockings and heels. Stretched out on her back, she’s totally exposed for some intense full body tickling. Her heels come off and her sexy nylon feet are tickled first. Jadey likes having her feet tickled so her reactions are pretty tame although she does giggle sweetly! After a couple of minutes, her legs and body are tickled and then her reactions really go off the deep-end – especially when her armpits are touched! Her body is super-ticklish and her armpits are completely unbearable. Jadey shrieks, squeals and squirms as her underarms are tickled, even just lightly to start with. Her ribs and belly are very ticklish too but the armpits are off the scale, which is unfortunate for Jadey as she then gets several long minutes of intense body tickling! Jadey laughs like crazy as the tickling becomes a little too much for her at times. Her top comes off to show off her amazing boobs as she squirms and writhes, trying to get away. Just when things really are too much, the focus returns to her feet and she gets a more relaxed ending as they are tickled with fingers and the hairbrush. Jadey laughs and giggles as her nylon feet are tickled before the stockings are ripped and her perfect bare soles are teased and tickled until the end! A very cute debut – more of Jadey and her hot body coming soon!

Duration: 12:33.421
Size: 1 366,747 Mb

Download – Jadey Is Stretched Out For A Crazy First Tickle Session!

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