UKTickling – Jay Brings Amy For A Crazy Tickle Session!

Jay returns with yet another of her cute friends to introduce to the world of tickling! This time it’s Amy getting her first tickle session and it’s another wild one as the girls are cuffed side-by-side for some full-body tickling, with crazy results! Amy wears a cute little top, miniskirt and sheer pantyhose, whilst Jay is bare foot from the start. The tickling begins and both girls are soon squealing and laughing their heads off as their sexy nylon and bare feet are tickled. Amy doesn’t disappoint and when their upperbodies are tickled it looks like they’re going to flip the bed over at one point as they thrash around, squirming like mad! Both Amy and Jay are completely hysterical at times. Their feet are tickled with fingers and the hairbrush which brings out some insane laughter from them both. Later, Amy’s are ripped to even the odds a little as her super-senstive bare soles are tickled too, but it’s the upperbody tickling that really blows the roof off. They are both in such a state by the end that neither of them can stop laughing when it’s over! Another great debut!

Length: 9:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jay Brings Amy For A Crazy Tickle Session!

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