UKTickling – Jay Brings Becky For A Crazy Foot Tickle Session

Gorgeous MissyJay returns and this time she’s brought one of her best friends along with her! Both Jay and Becky are seriously ticklish and they both get some intense foot tickling in the stocks, with truly wild results! Wearing jeans with sheer nylons and heels, they go into the stocks side-by-side. Jay couldn’t wait to get Becky in for this one as she knew how crazy it would be, and she wasn’t wrong. They both go completely nuts as the heels come off and their sheer nylon feet are tickled. Jay squirms and twists frantically every time her feet are touched. Newcomer Becky is even more ticklish than she’d thought and she squeals and howls with laughter – especially when her super-sensitive toes are tickled! The girls are tickled with fingers and then the brush, which produces even more intense reactions. Jay wanted Becky to experience the toothbrush on her feet and she definitely does, much to Jay’s delight! The nylons are ripped and their bare feet get plenty of tickling too, with baby lotion added to finish them both off. They laugh so hard – at the tickling and at each other – that they’re completely ruined at the end…it took a while for them down again after this! A great debut for Becky and an insane double foot tickle!

Length: 14:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jay Brings Becky For A Crazy Foot Tickle Session

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