UKTickling – Jay Brings Ruby For A Crazy Foot Tickle Session!

MissyJay returns persuaded another one of her best friends to come along and shoot, and we’re glad she did as this one is insane! Ruby is ridiculously ticklish with wild reactions and they make a crazy duo as they are bound and foot tickled in two positions! The girls wear matching tops and skirts, with heels and sheer pantyhose as they have their feet suspended on the mule to start with. Jay had warned me that Ruby would be something else, and her reactions don’t disappoint as the tickling begins. Once again, Jay laughs, squirms and writhes around frantically (she really does move!), but Ruby’s reactions are extreme! She squeals, shrieks and laughs hysterically, and Jay can’t help laughing at her as well as the tickling! Next, they go into the stocks side-by-side, and things are no less crazy here. Ruby is hysterical once more and Jay nearly squirms out of her seat as she wriggles and tries to get away. The nylons are ripped and Ruby is introduced to the hairbrush as well with a predicatably wild response. They are exhausting to watch as Ruby has reactions whilst Jay just goes to pieces. Again, it took a long time for them to calm down once this one was over!

Length: 14:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jay Brings Ruby For A Crazy Foot Tickle Session!

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