UKTickling – Jay Gives Amy’s Body Total TickleTorture

Missy Jay torments Amy yet again in this hot F/F body tickling custom! Bound standing upright with her arms up, Amy’s trim body gets a thorough workout as Jay perfectly demonstrates her tickling skills. Amy looks extremely cute in a little miniskirt with a tied-up shirt that leaves her sides and belly completely exposed to Jay’s long nails. They prove lethal on Amy’s bare skin as she begins playfully tickling, very lightly at first making Amy laugh and squirm around as she tries to pull away. Jay has perfect access to some of her worst tickle spots as she moves around her, teasing and tickling her sides, ribs, belly and armpits, getting behind her so she can get her tickling hands right around Amy’s trim waist! She has Amy in fits of hysterical laughter as she tickles her relentlessly from every side, squeezing her torso and ribs, then spending a long time working over her belly. It’s a long and very cute tickle session, which only gets crazier as it goes along, with Amy also toppling the Mule as she jumps and jerks around. Both girls had a blast making this one and you’ll love it too!

Duration: 16:23.096
Size: 1 800,281 Mb

Download – Jay Gives Amy’s Body Total TickleTorture

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