UKTickling – Jay & Grace Have Insanely Ticklish Feet!

Missy Jay introduces yet another of her friends to the world of tickling! This time it’s the petite and insanely ticklish cutie Grace joining her and side-by-side in the stocks, these two make for a very crazy foot tickle scene! Both girls have ridiculously ticklish feet and they go truly wild as their nylon and then bare feet get some intense tickling in this one. Wearing sexy dresses with sheer pantyhose and heels, they have their wrists cuffed together. Grace’s heels come off first and the tickling begins. It soon becomes clear that she is off the scale ticklish just like Jay, as she thrashes and squeals. Then it’s Jay’s turn and the two of them struggle so much, they break apart and have to be cuffed together again! What follows is an intense foot tickle session, that’s exhausting to watch as they laugh hysterically, kick and struggle while their sexy nylon feet are tormented. The back of the sofa collapses at one point and they end up flat on their backs, laughing even harder as they are tickled with fingers and the brush! The brush sends them so crazy that Grace keeps hitting her head on the sofa as she jerks and thrashes around – and then Jay does the same! The pantyhose are ripped and their barefeet get several long minutes of very intense tickling too whilst they laugh, squeal and struggle frantically to escape…they’re still in fits of laughter, even when it’s over. Grace is another fantastic new addition and you’ll love seeing these two together!

Duration: 14:20.002
Size: 1 570,109 Mb

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