UKTickling – Jay Mummifies Ruby & Tickles Her Out Of Her Mind!

Missy Jay brings her crazy-ticklish girlfriend Ruby back to UK Tickling for some wild tickle scenes….and Ruby gets it badly in this one! It’s a while since she visited and she goes straight in at the deep-end as she is mummified with her super-sensitive feet at Jay’s mercy! Wearing only stockings and panties, Ruby starts out wrapped and strapped down on her back with only her face, feet and boobs exposed. Jay’s long nails are pure torment as she begins teasing Ruby’s nylon soles and toes. Ruby is soon squealing and laughing hysterically as Jay goes to town on her with her furious fingers! Ruby writhes and squirms, gasps, squeals and laughs until she is almost breathless, but Jay shows her friend no mercy at all as she continues tickling relentlessly. She moves from her feet to her boobs, teasing and tickling them until a hysterical Ruby almost bursts right out of the plastic wrap! We wrap her up tighter and turn her face-down for the second part. With her helpless soles even more vulnerable, Ruby goes nuts as Jay’s nails punish her feet some more before ripping the nylons and tickling her amazing bare soles too! Ruby struggles violently and Jay has to sit on her legs to pin them down tight as she carries on tickling. She then begins licking and nibbling on her sexy bare soles, taking Ruby by surprise and making her crazy all over again as Jay’s tongue and teeth tickle the hell out of her super-sensitive feet! She even tickles Ruby’s ass before finishing her off by slowly teasing her soles with her long nails until the end. Poor Ruby is in a complete state by the end of this one. Unfortunately for Jay, Ruby’s a great tickler too and she is certainly going to get her own back after this – part 2 coming soon!

Length: 17:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jay Mummifies Ruby & Tickles Her Out Of Her Mind!

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