UKTickling – Jay Shows Amy How It’s Done!

We thought it would be fun to let Amy try her hand at tickling. As Missy Jay is ridiculously ticklish it should be easy to tickle her out of her mind…well it is, but still Amy’s tickling skills leave a lot to be desired! She takes off Jay’s boots and playfully tickles her bare soles. Jay is so ticklish, she squirms and completely cracks up but even so, the tickling looked a little on the lame side and we decided Amy just isn’t up to the job! This is bad news for Amy as it meant she would have to be on the receiving end instead and Jay definitely knows what she’s doing! The girls switch places and Amy has her wrists and ankles bound with her feet in her friends lap now. Jay goes to work and soon has Amy laughing and wriggling. Moving things up a step, she then takes her by surprise completely as she begins nibbling and lickling Amy’s bare soles and toes! Amy is shocked how much it tickles and Jay takes full advantage, tickling her like crazy and then turning her face down and straddling her legs. She spends a long time teasing and tormenting Amy’s helpless soles and toes, playfully drawing shapes on her soles and finding all her tickle spots. With her face buried in the sofa, Amy can only laugh herself breathless whilst Jay goes to work, adding baby lotion and rubbing it all over her super-sensitive bare feet! She sits on top of Amy’s ankles, pinning her feet tight as she tickles her into complete hysterics for several long minutes. Amy is left red-faced, gasping for breath, and still cracking up when she’s finally done with her. A great scene…Amy may want to work on her own tickling skills after this one – for the next time!

Length: 16:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jay Shows Amy How It’s Done!

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