UKTickling – Jay Totally Torments Amy’s Mummified Soles

Jay gives Amy’s bare soles the most relentless tickling in this intense custom clip! Poor Amy finds herself in a completely helpless situation as she is mummified and strapped face-down with her toes tied together. Jay has turned out to be an extremely effective tickler and she certainly loves tormenting her friends. She has a great time driving Amy absolutely nuts as she uses her long nails all over her soft soles. She slowly teases her helpless feet, drawing patterns on her soles whilst Amy can only laugh and (try to) struggle! Amy’s ordeal only gets worse as she is then ball-gagged while Jay continues to torment her sensitive soles. She teases her with her nails and then uses a comb to tickle her and it’s clear that Amy’s toes are her most sensitive spot as Jay zeros in on them and really makes her crazy! In this position, Amy can only manage a few minutes with the gag before it is removed and her pleas and laughter fill the room again. Jay is having way too much fun playing with her feet though and the tickling continues for many more minutes as Jay really focuses on her worst spots – especially her super-sensitive toes! It’s a long scene and Jay definitely earned herself some payback after this one!

Duration: 18:18.765
Size: 2 015,102 Mb

Download – Jay Totally Torments Amy’s Mummified Soles

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