UKTickling – Kiki Daniels Gets A First Tickle Session In The Stocks!

Stunning Kiki Daniels makes her UK Tickling debut and turns out to be crazy-ticklish when she goes into the stocks for the first time! Kiki has a hot body and she looks amazing in this first scene, wearing a tight denim playsuit, sheer pantyhose and heels. Kiki knows she is very ticklish and she’s quite nervous beforehand as she starts off with her arms cuffed overhead and feet in the stocks. Her heels come off and she’s soon gasping and squealing with laughter as her sexy nylon feet prove very ticklish indeed! She’s soon breathless but doesn’t have time to recover as her legs and body are tickled too. Her nylon feet get some intense tickling with fingers and the brush, and then the focus returns to her body while poor Kiki laughs, shrieks and thrashes around – especially when her armpits are touched! Her top is unzipped to reveal her amazing boobs, which jiggle as she squirms helplessly, and her exposed belly and waist prove to be super-ticklish too! Her sheer soles get another workout with fingers, brush and the electric toothbrush (it drives her crazy when it teases her toes!), and then the pantyhose her flawless bare feet too. She laughs like crazy as her bare soles are mercilessly tickled with fingers and the brush before her arms are released for a little more gentle tickling, while she catches her breath. The feather teases in between her toes but as Kiki points out, it doesn’t tickle as much as the toothbrush – she squeals again when she gets the toothbrush on her bare toes though! Her soles are then lotioned and tickled with fingers and the brush until the end, giving Kiki a very thorough introduction to her first tickle session! Another very hot debut with more to come from this gorgeous girl soon!

Length: 14:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kiki Daniels Gets A First Tickle Session In The Stocks!

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