UKTickling – Lottii Is Spread, Stripped & Tickled On The Mule

Stunning Lottii Rose is back and she’s spread and cuffed to the Mule for an incredible scene as she is stripped naked and tickled crazy in this smoking hot custom clip! Even more exciting: bonus clips are back, and this clip comes with a fantastic FREE clip as Lottii’s sexy body and amazing titties are tickled…that’s two insanely hot clips for the price of one! Lottii definitely has one of the hottest bodies you’re ever likely to see and she looks incredibe in a tight top and little shorts as her legs are spread and barefeet suspended. Lottii laughs, squeals and struggles as she is thoroughly tickled on her sexy feet and body before getting gradually stripped out of her clothing! Lottii’s feet and body are tickled with fingers and the electric toothbrush to start with. Her top is untied to expose her amazing boobs and her shorts are opened up. Finally, the clothes come off altogether and Lottii’s naked body is even more vulnerable. Her armpits get some intense tickling along with her belly, sides, ribs, thighs and bare feet of course! The electric toothbrush is used on her body and on her soft bare soles and toes. Finally, baby lotion is added to her feet and the hairbrush drives Lottii nuts as she squeals and writhes to try and get away. It’s a very hot and very naked scene, but it’s not all as the bonus clip contains 6 minutes of tickling Lottii’s amazing boobs! Lottii is cuffed upright wearing a lacy see-through dress. Her sides and belly are tickled along with her incredible natural boobs, which jiggle like crazy when her dress is pulled down to set them free! Fingers and feather tickles make Lottii laugh and squirm with fantastic views from above and below…it’s a definite one-off and not to be missed. Remember, bonus clips are not here forever so don’t miss out on this one!

Length: 14:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lottii Is Spread, Stripped & Tickled On The Mule

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