UKTickling – Louise’s Sensitive Body & Barefeet Strapped To The Mule!

Beautiful blonde Louise hates being tickled. She’s very sensitive and struggles to deal with anything but the lightest tickles usually. Her sexy body and bare feet get a full working-over this time however, as she is strapped to the Mule, face-down with her legs and ankles strapped up behind her! In this position and wearing only skimpy lingerie, Louise’s feet, legs and sides are totally exposed and she all she can do is laugh, squeal and protest as she is tickled all over! The tickling begins lightly to ease Louise into it, as her helpless soles are tickled followed by her body. Louise can’t stand it but she cracks up all the same, laughing and squirming as her amazing ass jiggles! The intensity builds up as the brush is used on her bare feet and her body gets some harder tickles too. After ten minutes, Louise is still hating the tickles but she’s coping better than she ever has before and so the lube is added to her bare soles, making her cringe. Her slippery bare feet are then tickled hard with the brush, and the waist strap is taken off in the final moments to give her sides a really intense tickling that drives her nuts! Louise laughs like crazy and makes a lot of fuss before it’s over. She claims she can’t deal with it but we think she did pretty well…we’ll have to come up with another intense scene for her next time after this!

Duration: 12:58.978
Size: 1 417,505 Mb

Download – Louise’s Sensitive Body & Barefeet Strapped To The Mule!

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