UKTickling – Luna’s Tiny Feet Get Mummified & Tormented!

Petite blonde Luna returns and her tiny feet get a very intense workout as she is mummified and tickled out of her mind! Latvian Luna already proved herself to be super-ticklish – especially when the brush comes out! This time, she can barely move as she is tightly wrapped and strapped down with her nylon feet exposed. She’s a little nervous and a little excited as the tickling begins, but she’s soon squealing and laughing…and she squirms so much, we have to strap her legs down tighter! Luna has a very cute laugh, which goes into a full-on squealing giggle whenever the hairbrush comes near her sensitive soles. Her sheer stockinged are tickled with fingers, electric toothbrush but it is the hairbrush that threatens to break her every time! After a little while, the nylons are ripped to expose her tiny (size 3) bare soles too. They get thoroughly teased and tickled before massaging in some baby lotion (which Luna loves) and then tickling them furiously (which she doesn’t!) The hairbrush proves super-tickly on her slippery bare soles and Luna goes really nuts as they get some intense tickles before the end. Very cute reactions throughout, and even a couple of minutes of bonus BTS footage, as we unwrap Luna and she teases with her amazing curves!

Length: 14:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Luna’s Tiny Feet Get Mummified & Tormented!

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