UKTickling – Natasha Is Bed-Bound & Hysterically Ticklish!

Gorgeous Natasha enjoyed getting tickled out of her mind the first time, so we decided to go further on her next visit, and she gets pushed to her limits in this one! Sexy Ukranian Natasha is cuffed spreadeagle to the bed, wearing a sheer body, stockings and heels. She gets a long tickle session that makes her completely hysterical as she laughs, cries and struggles desperately on the bed! Her feet are her most ticklish spot and she cracks up as her heels come off and the tickling begins. Natasha laughs and squeals as her nylon soles and toes are tickled, but her thighs prove crazily ticklish too and she becomes completely hysterical when they are squeezed! Natasha's hot body looks amazing as she struggles and thrashes on the bed. Her body also gets some intense tickling all over her belly sides and armpits, as Natasha screams and shrieks with laughter once more. Her top is pulled down to show off her amazing boobs as she thrashes around, and Natasha's arms and neck prove to be a really bad tickle spot as she goes crazy when they are tickled! She laughs until she is breathless but this is only the beginning as her feet get some relentless tickle torture in the second half! The brush drives her completely mad and Natasha's stockings are soon shredded as it goes to work on her sensitive soles. The stockings are ripped and her sexy bare feet are just as ticklish – even more so when lotion is added! Natasha giggles as the lotion is rubbed between her toes but she nearly jumps out of her skin when the brush is used on her slippery soles. She is hysterical again in no time, squealing and crying with laughter as her feet are tormented. It's a very long and very intense tickle session but Natasha is still giggling when it's over….she is super-ticklish!

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Download – Natasha Is Bed-Bound & Hysterically Ticklish!

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