UKTickling – Phoenix’s Barefoot Endurance Challenge – Custom

Sexy newcomer Phoenix Knight gets an endurance tickle challenge on her sexy bare feet! Babeshow babe Phoenix has a hot body and very sexy feet. She looks amazing in this custom clip which requires her to hold her feet still without laughing, as they are tickled in the stocks! Every time she laughs, Phoenix gets a brief burst of upperbody tickle punishment. After showing off her long legs and sexy feet in a tiny skirt and heels, Phoenix goes into the stocks. The heels come off and she is tickled very lightly at first, using fingers and just the pointed tip of the feathers to stroke her soles. Phoenix actually likes being tickled, especially the light tickles but she does crack eventually, letting out a little giggle and she’s soon squirming around as her body is tickled too! She tries not to laugh as her amazing soles and arches are tickled with fingers, feather, toothbrush and hairbrush…the brush doesn’t work (she likes it too much!) but fingers do and she’s soon laughing and trying to escape as her sides and armpits are tickled! Her amazing feet are then baby-lotioned and tickled, which causes her to break more quickly and Phoenix squirms her way through several more body tickles before the final forfeit! With the challenge over she has to lay face-down on the table and submit to several minutes of tickling all over her feet and body. She laughs and scrunches her soles as they are lotioned and tickled again, but she really cracks when her body is tickled again. Phoenix struggles and thrashes while her sides, back, neck and underarms are tickled relentlessly until the end. A long clip, and a great debut with this hot model. Phoenix turned out to be a very sexy, very talented tickler too as she more than got her own back straight afterwards

Length: 18:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Phoenix’s Barefoot Endurance Challenge – Custom

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