UKTickling – Porchia’s 10 Minute Tickle Torture!

Beautiful Porchia is stretched out for an unbearable ten minutes of non-stop tickle in this hot and intense scene! Wearing a skimpy see-through dress and sheer stockings, blonde Porchia is cuffed on her back with her feet and body fully exposed as she gets ten minutes of tickling all over! She’s a little nervous as the time starts and she’s soon laughing, squealing, swearing and pleading as her sheer stockinged feet are tickled first. In less than a minute she’s already reached the point of silent laughter and even a little snorting as she starts to crack up! When Porchia’s body gets tickled too she really loses it though. The armpit tickling is completely unbearable for her and she can’t cope as they are tickled, along with her sides and belly. She squirms and writhes as she begs and pleads through her laughter. The brush comes out and Porchia moans with pleasure whilst laughing like crazy as she loves the sensation – even asking to have her soles scrubbed harder as she squeals and laughs! After another bout of torturous underarm tickling, Porchia’s stockings are ripped to expose her bare soles to the tickling along with her super-long toes! Porchia cracks up even more when the baby lotion is added, and the brush on her lotioned up soles drives her crazy as she laughs hysterically between pleasurable noises too – hairbrush tickling definitely produces some mixed emotions for Porchia! Unfortunately for her, we lost track of time and the tickling continues beyond the ten minute mark! Porchia is breathless from the intensity of this one long before then however, and she’s completely shattered by the end…a hot and very crazy tickle session!

Length: 11:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Porchia’s 10 Minute Tickle Torture!

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