UKTickling – Rachelle & Ayla Make Sure I Suffer!

Rachelle hates being tickled but she loves it when she can get her own back afterwards! She takes it out on me, and enlists Ayla to help her in this hot F/M, FF/M revenge clip! Rachelle starts out by blindfolding me and punishing my nylon feet in the stocks. Using her nails, she teases and tickles my soles teasingly running her fingers up and down without mercy. Rachelle always remembers what has been done to her and she makes a point of getting her tickling fingers right under the toes, enjoying making me go crazy! After teasing and tormenting my feet for five long minutes, Rachelle decides to make things a little more fun and calls Ayla in to provide an extra pair of hands! Ayla’s long nails soon make things a lot more intense as they take one foot each and go to work, laughing as they tickle me crazy. Ayla then goes for the upperbody and it’s game over for me! Ayla teases and punishes my torso as Rachelle relentlessly tickles the feet…and then they swap places. I’m soon begging for a break but it gets worse as they double-team my upperbody! Rachelle returns to the feet, whilst Ayla sits on me to torment my body more. They make a very sexy pair of ticklers and a very effective tickling team. They double-up again before the end before finally deciding I’ve had enough, leaving me gasping for breath!

Length: 12:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rachelle & Ayla Make Sure I Suffer!


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