UKTickling – Rachelle Summers Pick Your Poison – Custom

The gorgeous and insanely ticklish Rachelle Summers finds herself on the receiving end, and in the double stocks once again (her first time in a long time!) for this hot and crazy custom clip! Rachelle looks amazing in sexy sheer lingerie and she starts out wearing some little trainer socks for this clip, which goes as follows:

Rachelle is placed in the stocks and has her wrists cuffed behind her – there’s a couple of mins of behind-the-scenes footage, which shows that she is not looking forward to this one!

The tickling begins and Rachelle is expecting her feet to get it first but is shocked as the tickling begins on her body – with predictably crazy reactions!

Now fully warmed-up, she goes crazy again as her socked feet are briefly tickled, before the socks come off and her super-ticklish bare soles get totally tormented. The worst is yet to come though as the following objects are laid out on the table: hairbrush, toothbrush, feathers and baby lotion. Rachelle is told she has to choose the order that they will be used on her, and that they will be getting used to tickle between her toes (her worst spot!)

There follows an insane tickle session as Rachelle tries to get the worst out of the way first with the brush, which drives her nuts ! There’s much screaming and squealing as it scrubs her bare soles. She then chooses the toothbrush, which makes Rachelle giggle until it reaches her toes, making her hysterical again. Next comes the feather and poor Rachelle really can’t handle it on her toes again. Finally, the lotion gets rubbed in – twice! Taking her by surprise again, Rachelle gets another mean bout of body tickling which makes her scream and swear before her lotioned feet really get it in the final minutes!

What Rachelle didn’t realise was that all the tools are going to be used all over again on her lotioned feet – and she is pissed when she finds out what’s happening! By then it’s too late and all she can do is laugh, scream and swear until the tickling is finally over. Rachelle is done by the end of this one – and not impressed by the trickery! A hot and crazy clip that Rachelle won’t forget (or forgive!) in a hurry…don’t miss it!

Length: 18:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rachelle Summers Pick Your Poison – Custom

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