UKTickling – Rachelle’s Insanely Ticklish Soles Tormented On The Bull!

Rachelle returns and submits her insanely ticklish feet to another torturous tickle session as she tries the new device for the first time! Rachelle looks ready for business in shirt, tie and smart trousers with sheer nylons and heels. Bound to the Bull with soles up and wrists cuffed, her cute little feet are totally helpless and she’s squirming and laughing as soon as her nylon feet are touched! The heels come off and Rachelle goes to pieces, laughing and squealing like mad. You get a great view of her sheer nylon soles as she really cracks under the tickling. Everything tickles like crazy – fingers, then the comb (which produces some great reactions on her toes!), and finally the brush. The hairbrush is totally unbearable for her and it’s even worse when her nylons are tied together, trapping her squirmy soles in place! The nylons are ripped and Rachelle gets the same treatment on her super-sensitive bare feet, with even more extreme results. The hairbrush almost finishes her off but she gets a little more tickling with fingers before the end! This one is very intense and exhausting for poor Rachelle as she’s basically hysterical from start to finish – after a few months away she cannot cope with the tickling at all!

Length: 11:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rachelle’s Insanely Ticklish Soles Tormented On The Bull!

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