UKTickling – Ruby Has Her Revenge On Anna’s Exposed Soles & Toes!

Anna was completely merciless when tickling Ruby and now her petite friend has an opportunity to get her back! Anna's feet are her most ticklish spot and so wearing only lingerie and stockings, she's bound face-down with her nylon soles exposed to Ruby's fingers. Ruby teases Anna's soles with her nails, stroking and flicking them up and down. Anna soon realises that being unable to see what Ruby's doing makes the tickling even worse as her feet squirm under Ruby's fingers! Anna hates being tickled and doesn't like losing control – she wants to fight it but can't help laughing as Ruby sits on top of her ankles and tickles her trapped feet! Ruby soon discovers that Anna's toes are her worst spot and she pokes her fingers in, making Anna laugh struggle frantically every time. She runs her nails over Anna's thighs and across her back, but it's hard tickling on Anna's sides and ribs that really gets her laughing. Ruby straddles her back and gets some good reactions as she squeezes Anna's ticklish waist and hips but she decides it's more fun tickling her feet and so she returns to tormenting them! Ruby's enjoying getting her own back as she rips the stockings for several minutes of barefoot tickling too. She props Anna's sexy bare soles on her lap and tickles them mercilessly. It gets worse for Anna when Ruby adds some lotion and rubs it in before attacking her sensitive toes! She has Anna laughing like crazy as she gets her tiny fingers in between each toe – just like Anna did to her before. Anna really doesn't like it when the tables are turned but Ruby keeps going, pinning Anna's bare soles beneath her while she tickles until she's satisfied that she's got her own back! 

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Download – Ruby Has Her Revenge On Anna's Exposed Soles & Toes!

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