UKTickling – Shay Is Unbearably Ticklish From Head To Toe!

Sexy adult star Shay London makes her UK Tickling debut in a truly crazy clip as she gets a torturous tickle session in the stocks! Shay’s hot body and long legs look amazing as she wears a tiny skirt and skimpy top over sheer pantyhose. With her arms cuffed overhead, she has her feet in the new stocks. Shay thought she would be quite ticklish on her body but not all that much on her feet…she was wrong! The tickling begins and Shay very quickly realises that she’s horribly ticklish everywhere! Her heels come off and Shay squeals with laughter as her sexy nylon feet are tickled. She’s surprised by how ticklish she is – but not for long, as her upperbody and armpits are tickled too and she cracks up completely! She squirms and laughs hysterically as her hot body and sexy feet get some intense tickling. The hairbrush comes out and Shay initially finds it pleasurable but then quickly changes her mind as it causes her to totally lose it once more! Her hot body then gets some focused tickling as she laughs and writhes crazily. Her top is opened up to expose her amazing boobs, and Shay is surprised to learn that they are super-ticklish too! Even the feather proves unbearably ticklish as it glides across her bare skin and torments her sensitive armpits. Shay is hot, sweaty and breathless but it’s not over yet and in the final minutes, her sexy feet get toe-tied and tickled with fingers and the brush. It drives her completely nuts, and then even more so when the pantyhose are ripped to expose her soft bare soles, which get the same treatment! She laughs like crazy until the end of this one – another phenomenal debut!

Length: 14:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Shay Is Unbearably Ticklish From Head To Toe!

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