UKTickling – Stevie & Harley’s Crazy Foot Tickle Session!

Gorgeous Stevie-Lou is back and this time she’s brought fellow babeshow babe Harley along for a first tickle session! Both ladies look hot in tight dresses and sheer pantyhose as they sit side-by-side with wrists cuffed together and feet in the new stocks! Stevie goes first and she’s soon cracking up as her heels come off and her nylon feet are tickled. Harley’s already laughing in anticipation and she squeals and shrieks when her own feet are tickled too! It turns out that Harley’s super-ticklish and the pair of them are soon laughing crazy – at the tickling and at each other’s reactions too! Harley can’t decide whether or not she likes it but her reactions certainly blow the roof off – especially when the hairbrush comes out and she gets a real surprise. The brush drives Stevie nuts too as she laughs and squirms whilst Harley gives encouragement to tickle her more! Later both girls’ nylons are ripped and their barefeet get several minutes of intense tickling. It turns out that Harley’s toes are another super-ticklish spot and she shrieks as they are teased, while they both go mad as the brush scrubs their sexy bare soles! It’s a great introduction for Harley and a furious foot tickle session for both girls as they are reduced to an exhausted, sweaty state by the end – it’s hot!!

Length: 12:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stevie & Harley’s Crazy Foot Tickle Session!

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