UKTickling – Storm’s Nails Make Luna Squeal!

Petite cutie Luna is in trouble once again, and this time she’s at the mercy of Storm and her wicked nails! Wearing a cute little red dress with sheer stockings and stripper heels, Luna has her legs and feet strapped to the Mule with her arms cuffed overhead. Storm loves tickling and she has a great time tormenting the helpless Luna’s tiny, super-ticklish feet and body in this one. Poor Luna is giggling and squirming as soon as Storm touches her feet and she’s cracking up before the heels come off. The giggling and squealing really starts once her nylon soles are exposed however, and Storm has a load of fun teasing and playing with her sensitive soles! It gets worse as she moves up the body, tickling Luna’s legs and then her body. Luna squeals and writhes crazily when her exposed sides and armpits are tickled, but she’s unable to escape from Storm’s long arms and fingers, which easily reach all of her tickle spots! Storm alternates between tickling her feet and body, making Luna jump as she continually catches her off guard. In the second part, Luna has her wrists cuffed at her sides as Storm focuses on her feet. When she rips the nylons to tickle her little bare soles too, Luna actually manages to break both hands free and we leave them out as Storm continues her tickle attack! Luna grips the bench and puts her hands over her face as Storm goes to town in the final moments, getting her tickling fingers right under Luna’s toes to drive her crazy. There’s a couple of false endings as Luna thinks it’s all over but Storm wants to carry on tickling! She’s only storing up trouble for herself though as Luna has a chance for some payback afterwards – and it turns out she’s a pretty mean tickler herself…part 2 coming soon!

Length: 11:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Storm’s Nails Make Luna Squeal!

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