UKTickling – Super-Cute Rose Gets A First Taste Of Tickling!

Newcomer Rose is a very sweet eighteen year-old with a stunning body and cute little feet. The Polish cutie is also very ticklish as she soon discovers in this hot debut! Wearing just her panties, Rose is stretched out on the sofa for a first tickle session. She is tickled all over her hot body and bare feet as she giggles and squirms. Her armpits and sides quickly prove to be two of her most ticklish spots and they get most of the tickling, but as the clip goes on her feet and legs prove to be very sensitive too! Rose is a little shy and she tries to hold in her laughter but it doesn’t work as she starts to crack up more and more! When her ribs are squeezed she really starts to lose it and in the second half, poor Rose is laughing her head off as her body is tormented. Her cute little feet get some attention in the final minutes and the brush and toothbrush have her squealing before the end as they go to work on her sensitive soles and toes! A short but very cute clip, and a great debut – you’ll love Rose!

Length: 10:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Super-Cute Rose Gets A First Taste Of Tickling!

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