UKTickling – Testing Kiki Daniels’ Sensitive Feet – Custom

Gorgeous Kiki Daniels has her super-ticklish bare feet put to the test in this hot custom! Dressed as a sexy secretary with a tight cardigan, skirt and heels, gorgeous Kiki has her feet in the stocks and must hold her feet still without laughing, as they are tickled! Every time she laughs, Kiki gets a brief burst of upperbody tickle punishment. The heels come off and she is tickled very lightly at first, using fingers and the feather to stroke her soles. It’s not long before she starts to giggle and then totally cracks up as her body is tickled too! Kiki tries hard to hold the laughter in as her flawless feet are tickled with fingers, feather, toothbrush and hairbrush. She really does try her hardest to hold out, but always cracks – and she really crumples whenever her body is tickled! Her sexy soles are then baby-lotioned and tickled too…when the brush is used on her lotioned soles, Kiki can’t help screaming like mad! With the challenge finally over Kiki goes face-down on the table for several minutes of tickling all over her feet and body. She laughs and squeals as her perfect soles and toes are tickled again. When it comes to the body though Kiki really loses it, furiously thrashing and screaming with laughter! A very hot ending to another very hot clip with this stunning model!

Length: 17:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Testing Kiki Daniels’ Sensitive Feet – Custom

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