UKTickling – Tickle-Torture For Ayla’s Hyper-Sensitive Nipples

Tiny asian Ayla Sky gets one of her most intense tickles scenes ever in this wild boob tickling custom! Ayla has the most unbearably sensitive nipples we’ve ever seen and this one was genuinely very tough for her to shoot but she agreed to it! Fully nude, Ayla is bound upright for some breast tickle-. Her sensitive boobs and nipples are tickled with fingers and feathers as she laughs, squirms, screams and pleads. Even the lightest tickles are very intense for her, and she giggles and gasps when the feather brushes across her breasts. The nipple tickling is off the scale though and she really struggles to hold it together. It’s a crazy and very intense scene with great views from two angles…poor Ayla really suffers this time!

Length: 14:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle-Torture For Ayla’s Hyper-Sensitive Nipples

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