UKTickling – Ticklish Business Woman Isabelle’s First Time In The Stocks!

Newcomer Isabelle is a very sexy business woman and she’s very ticklish too! She does not like being tickled and so she finds the experience an intense one as she goes into the stocks for a torturous first session! Looking hot in a smart trouser suit over sheer pantyhose and heels, Isabelle is pretty nervous as she finds herself cuffed with feet in the stocks. Her heels come off and she jumps and jerks her feet, trying not to laugh as her nylon feet are lightly stroked and tickled. Poor Isabelle tenses up but it’s not long before she cracks up and laughs as the tickling gets more intense! She has a wicked smile and an amazing laugh. Her nylon feet prove very ticklish as they get tormented for several minutes. Moving up the legs and then the body, it soon becomes clear that she has a major weaker spot and Isabelle laughs like crazy as her upperbody is tickled. Isabelle’s sides are the worst and she squirms and laughs frantically as her waist and ribs are tickled. Her large soles then get more tickling with fingers and the brush as Isabelle squeals and cracks up again! She’s already given up trying to fight the laughter by this point and when her jacket comes off, she giggles and squeals uncontrollably. She gets several minutes of upperbody tickling before finally returning to her feet, which get more tickles with fingers and the brush (she really hates the brush!) before ripping the nylons to expose her bare soles and toes too. Baby lotion is added and Isabelle quickly loses control again as her long toes and soles prove way more sensitive! Isabelle desperately writhes and laughs her way through several minutes of bare foot tickle , finishing with some final upperbody tickles just to top it off. A great debut tickle scene for Isabelle, and a lot crazier than she was expecting!

Length: 16:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish Business Woman Isabelle’s First Time In The Stocks!

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