UKTickling – Tormenting Ayla’s Tiny Bare Soles On The Mule!

Asian Ayla Sky returns to put her tiny, super-ticklish feet in jeopardy as she tries out our new bondage device! ‘The Mule’ is a new bench with many uses, and it’s perfect for holding Ayla’s tiny body in place as she’s cuffed kneeling with her arms up and her exposed bare soles trapped behind her. Ayla finds this position really bad as she can’t even turn to look behind and see what’s happening! She laughs, squeals, cries and begs as her cute little bare feet are tormented with fingers and then feathers. Her feet are so sensitive that even light feather strokes are unbearable and she clenches her toes tight to try and stop the feather going in between…it doesn’t work though and she goes crazy as her toes are teased and tickled too! Ayla nearly jumps out of her skin as she gets some surprise tickles on her waist and sides too. Her sweater is pulled up to expose her bare skin as the feather drives her crazy there too! It’s a short and sweet scene, but a torturous experience for Ayla. She did not like the new position at all!

Length: 8:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tormenting Ayla’s Tiny Bare Soles On The Mule!

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