UKTickling – Violet Can’t Cope With The Double-Stocks!

Petite, super-ticklish Indian beauty Violet pays another visit to UK Tickling after a few months away…and gets a shock as she’d forgotten how ticklish she was! Violet tries the double-stocks for the first time and finds it completely unbearable as her helpless, sensitive feet get totally tormented. Real-life business lady Violet always looks great in business attire, and this time is no exception as she wears a smart dress with sheer pantyhose and heels. She’s soon laughing and gasping as her nylon feet are tickled and Violet realises it’s longer than she though since her last tickle session! The heels come off and she knows she’s in for a tough time as she struggles but can’t move her legs at all. She can only laugh like crazy as her petite nylon feet are tickled, followed by her legs and upperbody. Her feet get tickled with fingers and then the hard brush which drives her crazy again. The electric toothbrush is used as well, and works great as it tickles her super-long toes through the sheer nylons! Violet then has a new experience in the second half as her long toes are tied, and her trapped feet get more intense tickling. It’s even worse when the nylons are ripped though, exposing her amazing slender bare soles and toes! Violet cracks up as her bare feet are tickled then toe-tied again and tickled some more! The brush and toothbrush have her laughing and squealing, but she really loses it in the final minutes as her bare feet are lotioned and tickled. Poor Violet is almost crying with laughter by the end of this one! A great clip, one of her best tickle scenes yet. She didn’t like the double stocks at all!

Length: 14:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Violet Can’t Cope With The Double-Stocks!

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