UKTickling – Violet Gives Lauren A Merciless Tickling Forfeit!

Lauren-Louise may have regretted not being quite as merciless a tickler as Violet doesn’t show her any mercy at all in this follow-up tickle forfeit! After losing the F/M tickle challenge, it’s Lauren’s turn to go into the stocks so that Violet can show off her tickle skills once more. She has ten minutes of non-stop tickle at Violet’s hands and her nails drive Lauren crazy! Lauren is already cracking up before her heels have even come off, as Violet softly teases her legs and feet. She is soon laughing and kicking desperately as Violet really goes to work with her long nails…she definitely enjoys being the one to dish it out and she doesn’t give Lauren any breaks here! She mercilessly tickles her nylon feet, then moves up to tickle her legs and upperbody. Lauren squirms and thrashes from side to side, squealing and laughing while Violet moves all around her. Focusing on her feet once more, Violet torments her nylon soles and teases her toes – definitely Lauren’s weak spot! She rips the pantyhose and tickles her soft bare feet too, adding baby lotion and her soles until Lauren is completely exhausted by the end of the ten minutes…Violet was having such a blast tickling her, we didn’t even notice the time was up and poor Lauren got tickled into over-time…we also forgot to mention that we were adding an extra 90 seconds of two-on-one tickling from both of us at the end! Lauren goes crazy once more as we double-team her – she goes nuts when I hold her feet still so that Violet’s nails can go to work on her soles. It’s a very mean punishment and certainly more than Lauren deserved!

Duration: 13:05.720
Size: 1 423,449 Mb

Download – Violet Gives Lauren A Merciless Tickling Forfeit!

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