UKTickling – Violet’s Indian-Style Body Tickle

Sexy, exotic Violet looks amazing in a traditional Indian outfit with a beautiful Sari for this hot body tickling custom! Violet only wears the Sari for special occasions but she wore it for us and it looks incredible on her as she is cuffed to the mule, standing for some intense tickling. Violet’s armpits are her worst spot and she hates them being tickled…which is unfortunate for her this time as they get some intense tickling, along with her exposed belly and sides! Violet is soon gasping for breath as she laughs hysterically, even begging for a break at times. Her top is unbuttoned exposing her boobs and more of her torso which gets some very mean tickling in the final minutes. Poor Violet found this one very intense and we cut the scene a little shorter than planned – but decided her feet would have to get some tickling too (coming up!)

Duration: 10:30.029
Size: 1 130,83 Mb

Download – Violet’s Indian-Style Body Tickle

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