WorshipTheWolfe – Captured For Her Big Feet

Goddess Janira Wolfe is a slave owner who takes very good care of Her slaves of all genders, that are kept for all different purposes.  One of Goddess Wolfe's male slaves, slave number 7, has been particularly attentive to his Goddess' needs, and constantly going above and beyond to make Her happy.  Of course such excellent service should be rewarded.  number 7 has a particular proclivity for tall beautiful women with big feet with natural toenails, so Goddess Wolfe has gone out to bring back exactly that for his reward.  

Capturing new slaves is one task Goddess Wolfe does for Herself, as She very much enjoys the process, which is always the same.  She gets dressed up in Her catsuit, breaks into the target's home, and effortlessly subdues them with Her large, powerful hands.  Once She's had Her fun taunting Her feisty new slave, vika, showing her how easily She could take the girl's breath away completely if She wanted to, Goddess Wolfe uses those big hands to put her out and brings her to her new home.

Upon returning home, Goddess Wolfe ties up and gags Her new slave, and calls in number 7 for his reward (POV).  The girl begins to wake up as number 7 is on his knees, out of chastity, and very excited by the big bound feet in front of him.  Horrified, she struggles and whines through the gag, but Goddess Wolfe ignores her and begins administering number 7's reward: jerk off instruction to vika's feet!  Of course number 7 does not need nor deserve much time for pleasure, so after a few minutes, he blows his load and is sent from the room to go get locked back up.

Goddess Wolfe is aware of how traumatizing it is for anyone to witness a slave jerk off for the first time… especially to their feet (which is obviously why Goddess Wolfe's own feet remain covered at all times) so She stays with Her new female slave for some after-care: tickling of the feet! before leaving Her to get used to Her new home.  Laughter is, of course, the best medicine.

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