ZenTickling – Harley Tickled by Edith

It’s Harley’s turn to be tied to the bed and tickled by the devious Edith. Harley is extremely ticklish and breaks out of her bonds multiple times, prompting Zen and Edith to redo secure her with multiple sets of cuffs. Finally she is locked in tight and has no escape from Edith’s dancing fingernails. Edith expertly tickles Harley all over her armpits, belly, and ribs. Harley screams with laughter and begs Edith to stop.. it doesn’t take much to send her over the edge. Zen sneaks his hand in a few times, which causes Harley to go absolutely ballistic. At the end of the clip both Zen and Edith team up to give Harley the tickling of her life.

Length: 6:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Harley Tickled by Edith

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