ZenTickling – I’M NOT SORRY

Well after that last clip I knew that I needed some revenge. I told Edith that I only wanted to give her ‘nice tickles’, but once she was locked in the rack I think she knew what was coming. I stripped her totally naked and stretched her body out tight, leaving her exposed to whatever tickle torment that I could think up. I aggressively tickler her all over her sensitive belly, ribs and hips. When I want to get serious I take the electric toothbrush to her nipples, but Edith is exceptionally stubborn today. I ratchet the stakes up a bit by going after her worst spot, her ears. She ABSOLUTELY HATES my tongue moving around in her ear but refuses to apologize for what she did. She gets more full body tickles and gets to a point where she cannot breath, but she will not break. I will admit, I like that she doesn’t give in because it allows me to really push her to the limit. This one is amazing.

Length: 14:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – I’M NOT SORRY

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