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The council has sent Crimson to find her previous master, Artemis on the forest planet of Dxun. Although dangerous, it is a test for the young one to see if she is capable of withstanding the dark side and its deviant temptress. After tracking Artemis down, he appears to confront her; telling her that she should have never left his side but it is not too late. Crimson has a second of relapse before she pulls away, rejecting the pull from her former master. Artemis ignites his saber, realizing he has to do what he must if she will not join him again.

The two jostle for position, both equally skilled and powerful. They both counter each other and send one another reeling with powers one masters would be able to pull off. Eventually, Crimson gains the upper hand, releasing her inner rage much to Artemis’ delight. He prods her to finish what she has started and to do what she truly desires, but to his surprise she pulls away.

“Fool!” he yells ready to strike with his lightning

She quickly turns to block his attack but he is all too powerful to resist, her guard slowly fades as he renders her powerless.


Crimson finds herself on a ship, bound to a device; legs forward and raised. She senses her master come around the corner and as he does, he confronts her, telling her that if she will not come willingly then he will have to find ways to make her.

He begins to peel off her boots much to her surprise. Once he lays a hand on her socked feet, she then realizes what he is up to: her massive weakness…

Artemis uses his long sharp nails to stroke her feet, before removing her socks revealing her long slender soles. He gives her one more chance to repent the light but she is confident in her ability to resist. He begins his punishment, tickling her soles and toes, sending her into a giggling fit. She seems to be holding it in quite strongly, the light side clearly strong but not enough. He then continues to use devious devices to tickle her feet, slowly breaking her down before she is fully in a laughter.

He finishes her with lightning as she will not turn, although at the end; before leaving her to inquisitors; he cannot resist the temptation of one more tickle…

Length: 14:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

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