ArtemisFetishFilms – Squirm [Horror Tickling Film, Ft Dicentra]

It is another day in the slave trade for Dicentra, business calls from dawn til’ dusk, dealing with customers from all over the world. Something eerie is looming over today it seems like, and it is cemented with a call from nobody, static. A few moments later she receives another call, this time creepier. Before she knows it she is in a chase down from a masked figure, hiding within her bedroom. Dicentra holds her breath, seeing the feather wielder search the room while she waits anxiously.

Once he leaves, she comes out, but before she knows it, he has her in his grasp. The slave trader awakens shortly after, wrapped up from head to toe with her feet propped up. Is she ticklish? This is what he plans to find out. As his fingers glide over her soles, she bursts into laughter. He continues his assault on her feet until he has had his fix, taking a photo with her as his keepsake.


The man comes back a time later to find his captive has escaped her binds, but nowhere to be found. She pops out of nowhere and knocks him upside the head. He awakens and the tables have been turned, he is wrapped in tape and hogtied, Dicentra smiling happily over him.

She rips off his tights, and begins her work to get her new product ready for sale. A bit of tickle testing later, she tosses her merchandise in a box who has now been sold and readies him for his new life as a foot slave. He has picked the wrong house to break into.

Length: 20:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Squirm [Horror Tickling Film, Ft Dicentra]

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