ArtemisFetishFilms – The Black Dress [Part 2]

After Dicentra has finished with her friend, she celebrates by putting on the dress that she will now wear to the party… or will she? As she takes some pre-party photos she notices some movement behind her through her phone, and before she can turn around she is rested, carried to her bedroom.

The masked man binds Dicentra from head to toe, restrained to the bedframe, stretched out for tickling. He begins with her helpless upper body, rigorously attacking her armpits and ribs, her laughter exactly the result he wanted.

Before too long, he moves to her feet, peeling off her shoes and socks, revealing her soft bare soles. As his fingers glide across them she yells and screams in hysteria, unable to control herself. Her captor then deviously makes her hold her feet still otherwise he will continue the tickling into the night. Will she be able to hold still?

Length: 14:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Black Dress [Part 2]

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