BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Kiara Double Team Tickled on One Bare Foot and Tummy

After their shift is over two nurses bet each other their colleague Kiara who swears she isn’t ticklish can’t last more than ten minutes under their talented fingers. When Kiara enters they tie her down to the gurney in a between shift napping area pull off one of her shoes and tickle and then double team tickling her barefoot. At first, Kiara seems to be taking it well — even enjoying herself. But as the two nurses continue double-teaming her foot she finally can’t take it and breaks. Not satisfied and betting she won’t last, the two nurses decide to take it to the next level. While one continues tickling her exposed foot the other strips off her top and begins tickling her tummy, sides, and underarms… Now Kiara really can’t take it and she breaks as multiple parts of her body are tickled at once! Will she last the ten minutes??? Watch and see!

Duration: 18:49.680
Size: 1 168,941 Mb

Download – Kiara Double Team Tickled on One Bare Foot and Tummy

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