BleuFetishTickling – Don’t Ticklsh Me – Full DVD – Restored Classic!


OUR VERY FIRST VIDEO FROM 2001! A true classic from 20+ years ago when there were very few tickling producers and even less that did intense scenes. Originally only available as a VHS tape & then a DVD and NEVER available in full as a clip anywhere. Only a few scenes were available here back in 2003. TO CELEBRATE you get 47 minutes for only $29.99

Here is the description from the VHS/DVD box! (By the way, ask your step-dad what a VHS was ????) – What really gets us excited us begging and pleading. Without it, a tickling video just doesn’t seem the same… and this video has CONSTANT BEGGING AND PLEADING. Not to mention some truly amusing tickle torment induced threats like “I’m going to kick you!”, “I would like to spit in your face” and “Your friend is a bitch just like you”!! The final scene in this video is still one of our favorites ever!

The adorable Lilith, is tied down to a bondage bed and tickled till she is practically insane! For you fans of extreme torment, you will be happy! In the video’s last few minutes Lilith’s genuine please for mercy are ignored by mistress Julia and her “friend” Grace. Lilith begs and pleads, shouts “Mercy”, whines that she “can’t breath” threatens their life and begs… .you get the picture!!! Dressed in a little pink skirt with her hair in pigtails, Lilith jumps, writhes and begs so much it’s almost not fair…ALMOST! Mistress Julia takes it nice and slow and builds up to some really intense torment. Another really cool part of this video is the cute giggle that Mistress Julia has throughout the video, it’s obvious that she’s enjoying every minute of torment Lilith. You have to check out our split screen action which allows you to see feet and facial reactions at the same time!!

After over 20 years Lilith is still probably the funniest LEE we ever had? She is hilariously matter-of-fact while threatening her tormenters. In a side note, this video was shot at the famous “The Chateau” in Los Angeles CA. All three girls worked there and did sessions. It’s been closed for many years but was one of the most famous Dungeons in the world run by our old friend Master Jim

Length: 47:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Don’t Ticklsh Me – Full DVD – Restored Classic!

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