BleuFetishTickling – Poor Isobel Tickled by Corri

Isobel is such an adorable victim… Pale white skin, thin with great hipbones, really nice feet, a tiny little voice with a great sense of humor; she is a great sport throughout this video. She squeals and pleads and is generally hysterical with her comments throughout. Corri is a really attractive model who has an unbelievable ass and beautiful feet! (that we show as much as possible 😉 ) Isobel also informed us that her cousins used to torment her by rubbing their hands and knuckles along her ribs when she was young, so you’ll see Corri try to reproduce those sensations. A lot of intensity and suffering from someone who tries to use humor and concentration to distract herself from the torment. Both girls are truly adorable, a lot of great shots of both girls’ GREAT FEET! You’ll enjoy the great vibe the girls have together.

Isobel starts off in a cute top and lacy bottom and is bound to our tickling board. “So you want to be tickled? I think you told me you want to be tickled,” Corri coos as she taunts Isobel. Isobel has this cute little voice and although she’s a bit hard to hear sometimes, she is very vocal in her own way, squealing and pleading throughout. Corri starts with Isobel’s feet and then goes to her sides and armpits. Isobel gives us some nice facial reactions and squirming. We see some great shots of Corri’s beautiful feet and ass as she tickles Isobel. At the end of the clip Isobel’s top comes off exposing her nice pale skin. Her body becomes more sensitive, especially her sides and stomach.

Isobel is then naked except for her little cute lacy undies. We get a close up of Corri’s beautiful feet as she works on Isobel’s ribs. The banter between them is cute as Isobel alternates between cursing and pleading. The light fingers on her sides and stomach are making her squeal and flop her feet around in their bonds. Threats of biting and pleading are really cute. There is a nice moment when an off-camera Friend coaches Corri to scrape Isobel’s feet with her fingernails. Her laughter changes to moans and then cute high pitched shrieks! Corri, digs into Isobel’s sides and hipbones and the girl is apologizing, moaning, whimpering, and shaking her hips back and forth. You can see her starting to get worn down, and delightfully growling! Corri straddles Isobel, and we see her nice ass in their tight little shorts. Isobel tries to deny that she is ticklish. Reaching behind her, Corri playfully gets her feet flopping around in spite of her exhaustion. Isobel is giggling adorably, begging, panting and whimpering like a puppy.

Earlier, Isobel revealed that she hates to be tickled under her armpits, so of course we had to make sure we did some extra armpit tickling! This clip begins with Corri sitting with her legs spread just above Isobels’ head, where she has clear access to those cute pits. This is a really sexy position because we see Crori’s cute feet and Isobel’s upper body at the same time. Poor Isobel is frustrated and she squirms around and wants to bite Corri. By this point, Isobel’s reactions are becoming more internalized as she is becoming really tired and trying to “turn it off”. Corri mentions that she has a friend who would LOVE to help tickle Isobel… Isobel definitely is not too happy about this possibility…

In comes The Mystery Hands! A Topless Isobel is about to get punished for calling Corri a bitch and she is really exhausted from the first part of her ordeal and is reduced to a weak little, pleading and whimpering mess. Both Corri and TMH attack Isobel all over her body in this clip and get every last ounce of her energy. Plenty more awesome shots of Corris beautiful butt and feet while she crawls around tickling Isobel. TMH sticks his fingers between Isobels toes, which she really hates! Isobel describes it as feeling like “worms” and being really gross. Moving up to her sides and armpits, Isobel tries humming to distract herself! . When they focus on her stomach and inner thighs she says this is the ” worst game ever.” She has trouble speaking with all the attention to her thighs and cant manage to get the word STOP out. The Mystery Hands taunt her until she finally manages to blurt it out. One of the best moments starts with TMH playfully taunting Isobel, alternating between tickling her under the arms and putting his fingers in her face, just out of reach of where she could bite him. He then starts rubbing his knuckles on Isobels ribs, which she had earlier told us was the way her family would tickle her as a oon she is crying like a little puppy and completely out of breath. This is some GREAT as finally both tormenters stop and we see her gasping for air. Then just for fun we put Isobel on her knees so we could get at some more great spots and see her cute ass wiggle in the air! TMH attack Isobels soles and squeeze her inner thighs. Isobel is adorable, acting extremely cute and squirming all over the place. They attack her ribs and she collapses, growling, humming, screaming and making little puppy sounds. There is nowhere for her to go and they keep rubbing, til she is whining, very irritated and demanding to go home. She tries the “I’m not ticklish” statement and they keep poking her and amazingly she still is. Worn out and almost completely desensitized Isobel is completely used up by the end! Really fun one folks, check it out 😉

Length: 32:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Poor Isobel Tickled by Corri

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