BleuFetishTickling – Sativa Tickled by Mystery Hands – Full Clip – Remastered & Upscaled

The lovely Sativa is tickled all over in this video by everyone’s favorite Mystery Hands! In this Video MH tickles her amazingly cute ass, along with her Feet, Belly, Sides, Knees and Armpits! Did we mention armpits? Because she certainly did… About 12 times, before, during and after the shoot!! Evidently this girl HATES having her armpits touched… You can see in these clips that not only is she plenty ticklish under her arms, she’s just plain grossed out about being touched there. Our Mystery Hands go to work on this cute little 20 year old, slowly removing her clothes and alternating between her feet and upper body. sativa jokes around throughout the clips calling the MH a ” Masked Weirdo ” and other interesting comments but it’s clear she was a bit freaked out by the whole ordeal!

Starting behind her he tickles her stomach and sides before removing her sneakers and white sweat socks one at a time so he can tickle her adorable feet. Next the MH’s remove Sativa’s top revealing her cute super-perky breasts. It’s here that we first get to see Sativa’s great reaction to underarm tickling.

“Let go of my foot, you masked weirdo!” sativa begs as this clips opens to a lot of great foot tickling! She tries to fight against his fingers and implores the Mystery Hands to ” Slow down! Since her soles are getting sensitive” . Sativa yells at the Mystery Hands “your fingers are wet… now my chest smells like FOOT!”

The Mystery hands continues tormenting sativa on her sides and underarms . We see some really great aggressive tickling of the sides of her breasts and underarms as sativa continues to shriek. The next transition is really cute as sativa thinks that the MH’s are letting her go as they undo the straps holding her legs down. Unfortunately for her, the only reason for undoing the straps is so that the MH’s can pull off her sweat pants leaving her with just a little pair of pink undies. “YOU SUCK” she says as the MH’s now begin some great underarm/sides tickling while holding her arms over her head so she can’t move at all and he can really get her good!

at the end of the video, we change things around and put our victim in a very helpless position on all fours with her extremely beautiful ass high up in the air wiggling for our delight! Both of her cute little feet are helplessly tied with the undersides exposed and the Mystery Hands go to town on them. sativa keeps looking back at her tormentor on each side trying to see what’s coming next! This is one hot video!

Length: 23:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sativa Tickled by Mystery Hands – Full Clip – Remastered & Upscaled

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