BleuFetishTickling – Tickled In Sin – Mistress Diva & Lucky – Restored Classic!

With her full pouty lips, blond hair and her 38D topped tight curvy body, this working model is quite stunning! Of course, after being tickled by our “mystery hands” for about an hour before she even met Mistress Diva, Lucky was a bit… Disheveled and bewildered throughout! Mistress Diva is a TRUE tickle fan, who has had the fetish just like us since she was young. You can see the gleam in her eyes as she torments Lucky. Diva taunts and teases, plays “eency weency spider” , and makes some adorable “Charo” like coochie coochie shrieks all the while she is administering, what I can best describe as, “Adorably Cute”. There is great chemistry between the two. Mistress Diva knows that Lucky has just endured an intense tickle and decides that some embarrassing, playful torment is in order. This is a really cute video with a thoroughly beaten model who is clearly unsure why she agreed to do this in the first place 😉 The video opens with Lucky in a Bra and Panties with Mistress Diva diving right in.

There is a wonderful amount of Begging and screaming, as Lucky is VERY VOCAL . Eventually she is topless and the “boobie tickling” begins. This is a good smattering of tickling including the Underarm, Sides and feet!. As we said before, Lucky was in her second hour of torment by the time this clip was shot and there is one amazing point where she lifts her head off of the bondage bed and looks like she has no idea where she is and is trying to figure out ” how the hell did I get here?” if youre into nipple tickling, welcome to PARADISE! Mistress Diva finds out that not only does Lucky have extremely ticklish nipples, but that she HATES having them tickled! The last 5 minutes of this video has NONSTOP begging to the end. It’s definitely in a cute way though. By the end, Lucky is exhausted and has had enough, driven nearly delirious by this brutal tickling experience! This video is over 12 minutes long!

Length: 14:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickled In Sin – Mistress Diva & Lucky – Restored Classic!

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