Bondagio – I will find and tickle you!

Five gorgeous girls are playful tonight. They are feeling sexy in colorful bikinis and want to hang out doing something special. Sonya come up with an exciting idea: hide and seek with a twist.

She ties girls elbows tightly behind their backs and announce the rules: they have to hide in the room while the music is playing. After that Sonya is allowed to start hunting. To make it harder she’ll be wearing a blindfold, but the sound of heels can give girls away, so they should be extra careful. Because once they found there will be no mercy! Sonya will tickle them as a penalty as hard as she wants.

At the end the luckiest girl will be honored to tickle losers with her own hands. How exciting it is for the girls, everyone is guessing: who will win?

Length: 36:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – I will find and tickle you!

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