Bondagio – Tickling in the name of science

Ofelia was an ambitious psychology student with an unusual hypothesis that tickling sensitivity could reveal insights into a person’s personality. Convinced that there was a connection waiting to be discovered, she embarked on a mission to test her theory.

Determined to gather data for her paper, Ofelia enlisted the help of her friend Sandy, who was always up for quirky experiments. Sandy, a good-natured soul, agreed to be the subject of Ofelia’s ticklish investigation.

One sunny afternoon, the two friends gathered in Ofelia’s cozy apartment. Ofelia had prepared a set of tools to make tickling various. Ofelia tied Sandy at the designated tickling area, a comfortable sofa. She took off her top as well to expose her ticklish spots. Ofelia, with a mischievous glint in her eye, started exploring Sandy’s neck, armpits, small, pierced nipples and ribs, taking notes between tickling sessions. After upper body it’s turn for legs: would it be itchier? Ofelia’s fingers go between the thighs, to the crotch. Down, to the feet, trying to tickle every area on the girl’s body.

As the tickling commenced, Sandy’s laughter filled the room. Ofelia diligently took notes, observing the nuances of Sandy’s reactions. She noted the areas that elicited the most laughter and those that were less ticklish. In between giggles, Sandy wiggles her body and moans from pleasure.

Ofelia theorized that different responses to tickling might reflect varying personality traits. Also, the intensity and a tool of preferred tickling method make a difference.

The experiment continues Ofelia tries to be gentle and harsh, varying between soft strokes and deep digging into the skin. She also tries a lot of tools: such as big make up brush, sharp pin wheel, an electric toothbrush. Oil helps to increase the sensitivity when Sande is almost exhausted from such a ticklish treatment.

Eventually, the laughter subsided, and Sandy caught her breath. Her skin is swollen and red from all the touches. She said herself:” It’s just for the science”, but her big smile says the complete opposite.

Length: 23:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling in the name of science

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