BrokenShellFantasies – Foot Tickling Claire To Cum

Out from a very tiring day, Claire is in cloud nine as she gets the most intense foot massage session- with a little twist! Hoping to get relaxed and all pampered out from having a sore body, she asks you for a foot massage. Therapeutic, indeed. Only that, she gets to be tickled aggressively until she begs for you to stop!

Feet tied together at the corner of the couch, she gets overwhelmed with your soft and subtle rubbing on the soles of your feet. So good. But after a few minutes of actual massage session, Claire feels weirded with the sudden change of your stroking onto her feet. Your fingers twitch and fingernails get sharpen and pointed, and you continue to tickle her soft feet. You start from the soles all the way up to the toefingers and in between. She tingles and gets crazy on the couch that she couldn’t help but move to resist the sensation. You try to level-up your game by stroking the back of her pearl-white feet and stimulating her senses. In one straight sequence of tickling, her body electrifies and shivers as if letting loose her sweet liquid from a nerve-wracking sensation!

Length: 11:36
Resolution: 1280×720

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